Cuckoo Pressure Rice Cooker

With 37 years of experience in innovating pressure cooker technology, Cuckoo has continued to fulfil every household’s dream to enjoy delicious and wholesome home-cooked meals. Our No.1 Korean best-selling pressure cooker comes in three different designs and features to meet your needs:

Cuckoo RED M10

Elegant in red and white, the Cuckoo RED M10 Pressure Rice Cooker allows you to prepare home-cooked meals easily with our unique 12 designated cooking modes:

• glutinous rice
• turbo
• sushi rice
• GABA rice (unpolished brown rice)
• old rice
• mixed rice
• nutritious rice
• rinse-free
• “nu rung ji” (scorched rice)
• porridge
• soup
• multi-cook

Other features include a water draining system, hydraulic slow-opening mode, auto-steam cleaning system and non-stop steam emission.

Cuckoo Red N06

The Cuckoo Red N06 features 13 types of safety features and an amazing 12 cooking modes for glutinous rice (Korean sticky rice), mixed/brown rice, black bean and ferment bread baking, among others. It has other unique features such as smart algorithm and voice guide to ensure your home-cooked meal are well-prepared with an ease of mind.

Cuckoo Black HN10 IH Pressure Multi-Cooker

This ultimate pressure multi-cooker comes in a stylish black-and-silver colour, and contains up to 14 different cooking modes to suit your preferences – rice, mixed rice, quick cook, GABA rice, sushi rice, porridge, multi-cook, soup, steam, fry, stew, oven, roast and even cake!
Our Cuckoo pressure cooker or a multi-cooker will be the solution for every family who values health despite their busy schedules.