Fusion Top

Specially made for home use, fusion_top2-2y0ke76uvqvz9yt24t3fuoFusion Top is a table-top water purifier that allows you to dispense natural mild-alkaline hot or cold water with just a simple push of the water faucet.

Combining simplicity and style, Fusion Top uses 4 filters to perform 6-stage filtration to ensure that you have a clean and natural drinking water all the time. The water purifier contains two colour indicators to differentiate between hot and cold water indication. Best of all, it has a unique child-lock system to prevent your child from dispensing hot water. The water tank is built tough and has an anti-bacterial feature to give you a peace of mind. On top of that, you can easily detach the water faucets so you can wash them whenever they get dirty. Fusion Top also comes with detachable water tray, which allows you to clean and discard the spilled water with minimum fuss. Last but not least, our water purifier comes with the shortest filter replacement period of just 4 months, ensuring you that the water you get from the filter is always the cleanest and safest.

Looking luxurious in sleek white, the Fusion Top is priced at RM339. A rent-to-purchase option is also available. Just contact us as your first step in making our Fusion Top a part of your home.