Cuckoo Air Purifier

Even without the haze, air pollution A-model-510x420is a norm these days especially if you live in the city. Thanks to the state-of-the-art air purifying technology, now you can have peace of mind with our Cuckoo Plasma Ionizer Air Purifier.

The Cuckoo Plasma Ionizer Air Purifier comes with a comprehensive 8-step filtration + bacteriostatic system that helps to eliminate germs, bacteria and particles so that you will get nothing but a pure breath of fresh air.

So, how does the filter works? The first step of filtration is done via the Pre Filter, which helps to eradicate big pieces of dust that accumulate in the air. Next is the Allergen Plus Filter, which helps to eliminate the remaining dust that failed to be removed in the Pre Filter phase. The following process is called Harmful Gas Relax Filter, which helps to remove harmful substances including benzene, NO2 and SO2. Subsequently, the air is run through the Deodorization Filter, which removes unpleasant smells, odours and harmful gases before finally undergoing the 5th– 8th steps HEPA Filter steps to remove pollen, cigarette smoke and dead mites.

Our purifiers are energy-saving, which allows you to conserve as much as 50% of energy compared to other purifiers. Your electric bills will not be a worry anymore even if you switch on your air purifier 24/7. Truly designed for the Asian market, the Cuckoo Plasma Ionizer Air Purifier also has the first-ever Korean and Chinese voice function in the market.